By Sonjia Williams
Hi guys! Welcome back to another recap of Project Runway season 11 by yours truly Sonjia Williams of season 10. Ok so we left off at a cliff hanger last week. Michelle was supposed to be eliminated but  got a do or die moment. A final chance to prove herself. So now were back in the lounge while designers wait to see what happened next. Tim comes in the room to deliver the news to Michelle that she will be given another chance. The designers head down to the runway to meet Heidi and Tim to find out about the next and final challenge before fashion week. Heidi announces that they will each go to a different European country to gain inspiration and buy fabric for a look that is inspired by that country. They will also each get to bring an assistant with them. Layana will go to Barcelona, Spain and bring Samantha with her. Patricia will go to Paris, France and take Kate with her. Daniel will go to Berlin, Germany and take Amanda with him. Stanley will go to London, England and bring Richard with him. However, Michelle will have to stay in NY because she was technically supposed to be eliminated and Tu will assist her. They will each get a budget of $1,000 US dollars to spend on fabric and get 1 day in that country.
Daniel walks the streets of Berlin and is immediately emotional when he sees the Berlin Wall. A wall that for decades separated east and west Germany. He then ends up being inspired by a building with cool geometric shapes. He decides he’s going to make a leather jacket with a draped dress. However, when he goes fabric shopping and can’t find leather, he decides to get white pleather fabric instead. Patricia is inspired by the street art in Paris and the way the layering of the artwork is. She sketched her look in front of the Eiffel Tower which is pretty epic. She goes crazy in the fabric store and over spends and has to put some fabric back. Stanley is inspired by the architecture in London and decides to create an all black look. He goes fabric shopping and finds this perfect sequin leather fabric that is so expensive that it takes up most of his budget but he buys just enough for what he wants to accomplish. Layana is inspired by the tiles all over Barcelona. She goes shopping for leather too but can’t find it so she decides to go with a lace instead that has a great tile like pattern on it. So the designers head back to New York ready for the challenge. Back in the states, Michelle and Tu take a tour around the city to gain inspiration. She becomes inspired by the differences between the old and new buildings, so she goes to mood to pick up leather and cashmere to complete her look.
The next day Michelle and Tu head into the workroom to start the challenge. Not too much later the other designers head into the room all excited, speaking about their trips. Michelle is clearly jealous and I can’t blame her because I would feel the same way. Everyone seems to be getting along really well and the looks are coming together. Tim comes around to critique them and him biggest concern is timing and getting it all done.
It’s then runway day and the pressure is on. This challenge I’m sure is especially stressful for the designers because it will determine who will go to New York Fashion Week. This outcome is major! It will determine who will make it on to become the final four! They all finish their looks on time and now it’s time for critiques. The judges love Stanley, Daniel, and Michelle’s looks but they’re not crazy about Layana and Patricia’s looks. After a long heated discussion, of debating back and forth, they decide that Patricia should go on to fashion week and Layana is out!

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