Finale part 1

Hey guys and welcome to part 1 of the finale recap of Project Runway Season 11 by yours truly Sonjia Williams. I can’t believe the season is almost over. I feel like it flew by so fast! This was a great season, and that’s coming from a bias opinion because I thought my season was the best. Anyway, so were back to the runway and Heidi and Tim are there to give the designers the details on making their collections for Mercedes Benz fashion week. They will all receive $10,000 to make a 12 piece fall collection. Tim will make special visits to each designer to check on their progress. They will then come back to New York to present 3 of the looks to the judges for them to decide which 3 designers will move on to show their collection at the one and only Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
Tim makes a visit to  Patricia in New Mexico to see her collection first. Patricia shows him the house that she grew up in,and introduces him to her entire, humble family. She tells Tim that her collection was inspired by nature and trees. Tim liked her collection but wanted her to watch out so that it doesn’t become too crafty.
The second stop on Tim’s journey is Michelle in Portland Oregon. She introduces Tim to her family and they share that they have always supported her on this quest of her life. She tells Tim that she was influenced by a lone wolf and its survival, as it becomes a metaphor of her journey on the show. He loved the direction she was going in warned her not to over design.
Tim’s next stop was in Austin, Texas to visit Daniel. He meets his sister and friends and gets a glimpse of what Daniel’s life is like. They later walk up the stairs to take a look at what Daniel has created. Daniel tells Tim that he was influenced by Salvador’s Dali, Germany and the cosmos. Tim wants him to edit his looks and watch the direction he is going in with the matronly ones. Tim’s last visits was to see Stanley in Los Angeles, California. He tells Tim that he was inspired by the 60′s and Spain. He shared with Tim that he tried out for Project Runway 3 times and he’s a bit sad that he can’t share this moment with his sister that recently passed away. Nevertheless, he thinks of her and is proud of you he has become.
So they all return to NY to prepare for fashion week. Daniel is acting shady towards Michelle when she intially walks in. I guess he’s still a little bitter about the Lord & Taylor challenge, which is silly to me. They are able to talk about it and move past it though, which is a great solution at this point in the game. Then in walks Stanley and last Patricia. They take the night off to relax because they have a lot of work ahead of them.
The next morning, they head to the workroom and Stanley realizes he still has a lot of work ahead of him. They will all receive helpers which is great! Stanley gets Richard,Daniel gets Samantha, Michelle gets Amanda, and Patricia gets Layana. They get critiqued from Tim as he looks at the 3 looks that they want to present to the judges. Tim loves Michelle’s collection and encourages her to watch the details. He is concerned about one of the looks that Patricia wants to present to the judges and encourages her to swap it out for a different look. He is also concerned that Stanley’s looks are too covered up and possibly too old. As for Daniel, he wants him to carefully pick the looks he presents to the judges. The day ends with the designers nervous for what the outcome will be the next day, as anyone in this position would be.
It’s runway day and the designers and their helpers are working quickly to put the finishing touches on their looks. Finally the designs hit the runway and the judges have a lot to say about the designers collections.  Starting with Michelle whom which they loved, they believe she delivered beautiful while still being unusual presentation. She presented 3 looks that were different, new, and forward. She created accessories which were easily detachable and could be added onto other pieces. It’s was genius and extremely interesting to see! They just wanted her to watch her accessories and change the hair and makeup. On the other hand, they were extremely disappointed with Daniels collection. They were not wowed by any of his looks what-so-ever. They didn’t think he presented anything they haven’t seen before. Then there was Patricia’s collection which confused the feelings of the judges. They didn’t think it looked cohesive and were concerned what the other pieces would look like. They were also disappointed with what Stanley presented. They thought he needed to insert some sexiness and youth in his pieces. This came as a complete shock for everyone after watching him grow season after season, and seeing his talent progress.
In the end after the tough decision was made from all three judges, Michelle, Patricia and Stanley move on to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Daniel is out. I feel for him because I know what it feels like to make it that far but fall short. I honestly feel like he will become a better designer because of it and he will be even more driven to succeed… I know that I am.


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